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Top 2 Questions Single CEOs Are Asking Me

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1. What is a ‘Personalized Introduction’?

Relevant to the dating world, a ‘personalized introduction’ is a modernized form of matchmaking. Until now, similar offline high-end matchmaking services were only prevalent in larger cities nationwide (Chicago, NYC, LA, Seattle, DC, etc).

2. What makes A-List Introductions’ ‘Personalized Introductions’ different from Apps and other online/offline dating services?

Our Clients – A-List Clients are discerning C-level execs, physicians, attorneys and business owners who value their time and the strategic partnership A-List provides. Our objective is to provide a successful dating-platform allowing our Clients to focus on their professional career while A-List concentrates on their personal lives.

“People hire financial advisors to manage their investments, real estate agents to sell their homes, personal trainers to become healthier, and so on. Enlisting an expert who connects and introduces the city’s most eligible singles each day is smart.” Nicci Sprouse – President, A-List Introductions quoted in 614 Magazine Feb 2015.

The A-List Methodology – Similar to the Executive Recruiting industry, A-List’s connections and outreach efforts are unparalleled. Utilizing A-List’s exclusive Affiliate program, ‘The Perfect Match’, as well as sophisticated search algorithms, our Clients are not limited to only meeting other Clients. We take great pride in the selection process, personally screening and hand-selecting each customized introduction tailored to fit our Clients.

EQ – While the IQ remains stable over a person’s lifetime, the EQ can be developed. It is true that there is science behind creating chemistry and fulfilling our emotional needs, and A-List Introduction’s unique approach aligns science with emotional intelligence producing the opportunity for a truly profound and authentic connection.

If you’re interested in learning more about A-List Introductions, please visit http://www.alistintroductions.com or contact us at info@alistintroductions.com.